Bombers Fall Short


After our big win against Wanderers the week before, the confidence among the group was up. One of our joint captains, Simon Munkara, was back in the team after a hamstring injury and Jarrod Atkinson returns to the line up after not being available last week. We were at full strength, apart from Michael Dunn, who was a late omission because he was ill.

The game started off in a typical finals game with both teams attacking the ball. It was a hard fought quarter with both teams giving their opponents any time and space with one point separating the teams at the first break. Roy Kantilla had the chance to level the scores, or give the Bombers a 5 point lead with his shot for goal from the boundary after the siren, but he kicked it into the man on the mark. After a bit of ribbing from his former team mate, Kevin Tandogac, emotions took the better of everyone and a melee formed. Ten reports from wither side emerged out of this, with fines handed out to all of them.

St Marys took control of the second quarter and opened up a 25 point lead at the main break. They seemed to have sucked the Bombers into worrying too much about them than worrying about getting the ball.

When the Saints got out to a 32 point lead at start of the 3rd quarter, it looked like it was going to be a hard ask for the Bombers to get back in the game. But then 3 consecutive goals from Gerrard Cunningham, Rupert Pupangamirri and Ephrem Tipungwuti inspired the Bombers and took them to within 9 points at the last break.

The last quarter was another hard fought one, with both teams giving it their all, knowing that whoever got over the line would go straight into the Grand Final and have the week off. St Marys kicked the first couple of the game but then Patrick Heenan and Rupert Pupangamirri – whose dashing run from the back line produced his second goal while setting up Cunningham’s third with a brilliant bullet kick down the guts – came to the fore in the last to send the Bombers into attack and get them within 4 points. Just as it seemed the Islanders were on a roll into the grand final, the minor premier stepped up when it mattered most and Robert Hale goaled to put the Saints up by 10 points and ended our chances.


TIWI BOMBERS   2   4    4   7   8   8   11    9   75
ST MARYS   2   5    8   8   9  11   12   15   87

Best Players – Dan McLinden, Samson Mungatopi, Rupert Pupangamirri, Donald Mungatopi, Ross Tungatalum and Courtney Johns

Goal Kickers – Gerrard Cunningham  3, Ephrem Tipungwuti 3, Dion Munkara 3, Nyabaru Kelly and Ross Tungatalum

We had earnt the right to a second chance, so we stay alive. Next week we take on Wanderers in the Preliminary Final at TIO Stadium on Saturday night at 6.00pm. Wanderers will be confident after their big win against Southern Districts in the 1st Semi Final and will want revenge for the humiliation we gave them the week before. It should be a cracker of a game. Go Bombers!

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