Great News: Toll Tiwi Bombers win prestigious Telstra Community Award

Toll Tiwi Bombers win prestigious Telstra Community Award

The small Tiwi Islands Community of 2500 people based on islands north of Darwin are hugely excited at the news their representative AFL Club the Toll Tiwi Bombers has been awarded a $5,000 Telstra Community Development Grant said Club Development Manager Peter Atkinson.

The Toll Tiwi team which commutes to Darwin by charter aircraft and ferry to play in the NT Football season from October to March each year will use the grant to upgrade the player driven Community Player Role Model project said Atkinson.

The program which will be retitled the Telstra Player Community Ambassador Program will increase the promotion of education and communication as the tools to address community social issues common to remote regions such as Youth Suicide and Domestic Violence.

The Toll Tiwi Bombers team is drawn from 5 different communities coming together at weekends to play in the Darwin mainland based 98 year old  NT Football League competition. The Club hasplayed in 6 of the 7 season final series since entering the competition.

Atkinson added that the Club and its members recognize and appreciate the generosity of Telstra in supporting sport in the Northern regions of Australia.


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