Round 5 Match Report

14 goalscorers was the highlight of the Tiwi Bombers second home game in a comfortable 47 point win over Waratahs at Wurrumiyanga last Sunday.

Another brilliant start had stand in Coach Damien Zammitt smiling.

With a midfield dominance and lightning speed the Bombers slammed on 7 goals in 15 minutes with centre half forward Roy Kantilla on fire, helped by the midfield dominance of skipper Shane Tipuamantimerri, Dion Munkara and ruckman Ben Battams.

Despite losing injured key players before the game like Simon Munkara, Ross Tungatalum and Ephrem Tipungwuti the Bombers were too quick and skilful for the Waratah’s side.

Wingmen Paddy Heenan and Samson Mungatopi along with halfbacks Michael Dunn, Billy Barden and Bradley Palipuaminni gave great rebound to blitz the red and whites.

Roy Kantilla finished with 7 goals in a best on ground performance against a highly rated Waratah defender in Jake Smart. The only other multiple goalkickers were Bradley Palipuaminni, Gerrard Cunningham and defender Michael Dunn while 10 Tiwi Bombers kicked a goal each.


Tiwi Bombers 8-2 12-6 16-8 23-11 (149)

Waratah 3-2 6-8 10-10 15-12 (102)

Goals: Roy Kantilla 7, Bradley Palipuaminni, Michael Dunn, Gerrard Cunningham 2 each, Samson Mungatopi, Jason Puruntatameri, Dion Munkara, Patrick Heenan, Albert Tipungwuti, James Puautjimi, Billy Barden, Cannis Tipuamantimirri, Virgil Puruntatameri & Rupert Pupangamirri 1 each

Best: Roy Kantilla, Michael Dunn, Rupert Pupangamirri, Shane Tipuamantimirri,  Billy Barden, Aussie Wonaeamirri, Albert Tipungwuti, Patrick Heenan , Dion Munkara

Congratulations to Coach Leigh Crossman and wife Jemma on the arrival of son Jed Leroy.

This Week:

Tough game at TIO Stadium against the Damien Cupido led Southern Districts Crocs at 2.30pm on Saturday.  You can watch it live on the AFLNT site

Captain Shane Tipuamantimirri will head the 10 member party at the Tiwi Bombers Kantilla Table at the AFLNT Hall of Fame Dinner on Saturday night.

Baby Bomber Born


Congratulations to Coach, Leigh Crossman, and his partner, Jemma Anderson, on the birth of their son, Jed Leroy – born at 6.08pm on the 31st October, weighing 9lb 1oz. Mum and bub are doing amazing.

Round 4 Match Report

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Round 4 Match Report by Club Development Manager Peter Atkinson

Defeating the last team to beat us was a huge relief and adds to our confidence.

Seven forced changes had some silver lining with the debut game of Muluwurri Magpie, 19 year old ruckman Aaron Daniels, and the return of Roy Farmer. We continue to win with only 13 of the Premiership side available, so it was a good win whilst building for the future at the same time.

The late loss of Dion Munkara was covered by the return of champion follower Rupert Pupangamirri.

Tiwi Bombers overcame a slow start caused by the multiple changes and ended a bit of a bogey to record its 11th straight win when it beat Wanderers by 28 points last Saturday.

The Eagles were the last side to defeat the Bombers in Round 14 last season before we claimed the Club’s history making first Premiership.

Despite winning the centre clearances through the ruck dominance of Dan McLinden and ground support from skipper Shane Tipuamantmirri and Simon Munkara, several Bomber defensive lapses let the opposition stay in touch.

The second quarter set up the final result with Ross Tungatalum, Roy Kantilla and Kristan Height feeding off the dominance of Tippa and Co plus the run from half back led by Albert Tipungwuti.

The Bombers halftime lead 28 points turned out to be the exact final margin.

Tiwi kicked 5-4 to 3-1 in the third quarter to look comfortable at the last break but Wanderers refused to go away with their onballers and wingmen suddenly dominating to reduce the margin quickly to 10 points.

To the credit of the side it steadied again through the skipper and half forwards Ross Tungatalum (6 goals), Kristan Height and Roy Kantilla who finished with 3-1.


Tiwi Bombers 4-1 12-5 15-6 21-11 (137)

Wanderers    4-2 7-7 12-11 16-13 (109)

Goals: Ross Tungatalum 6, Roy Kantilla 3, Brad Palipuaminni, Simon Munkara, Roy Farmer 2 each, Albert Tipungwuti, James Puautjimi, Kristan Height, Cannis Tipuamantimirri, Gerrard Cunningham & Rupert Pupangamirri 1 each

Best: Ross Tungatalum, Shane Tipuamantimirri, Rupert Pupangamirri, Dan McLinden, Albert Tipungwuti ,Simon Munkara & Jason Puruntatamerri.

Round 2 Match Report


Club Development Manager Peter Atkinson

Tiwi football at its best-lightning quick, highly skilled, high scoring and 13 goalkickers!

In most competitions a Grand Final rematch is usually tight and from a motivation perspective favouring the losing GF side due to the pain of defeat in the big one.
And, don’t think the Nightcliff side yesterday was particularly weaker than their GF side either as they have added three fair forwards who kicked 10 of their 12 goals! The Bombers side had 14 of our Premiership side with McLinden, Wonaeamirri and Heenan added to the Round 1 team which beat Districts by 4 points. We had no recognised “tall” against Districts and chose to bring in McLinden and a Carl Joyce who was great.

The Tiwi Coaching panel and players had other ideas about being motivated with the pride of performing in front of family and friends in our first of the 4 Home games enough. More importantly in their capacity as Tiwi Role Models players were keen to perform at a high standard for the Tiwi children & youth who attended. Players have no choice about being Role Models (good or bad) – its just what sort you want to be!
Make your family and community proud!

Led by the brilliant midfield group of Captain Shane Tipuamantimerri, deputy Rupert Pangiraminni, the little master Simon Munkara and the improving Dion Munkara who feasted off ruckman and Premiership defender Dan McLinden the footy was swept forward time and again.
Anything that managed to reach our backline was quickly rebounded by a running defence led by Jason Puruntatameri, Michael Dunn, Bradley Palipuaminni and Ben McCasker.

Our wingmen were dominating with Paddy Heenan outstanding and in his best Territory Thunder form. He has improved again after a breakout season with Thunder.

Up forward Ross Tungatalum, Roy Kantilla, Aussie Wonaeamirri and Gerrard Cunningham were all on fire with exciting youngster David Kantilla matching them for sheer Tiwi brilliance.
Roy finished the game with 2-5 and Gerrard 5-6.

The match was as good as over by quarter time with the Bombers 8-5 (53) leading Nightcliff 0-2 (2).



TIWI BOMBERS   8 5 12 9 18 16 24 22 166
NIGHTCLIFF 0 2 5 7 8 8 12 10 82

Goals: G.Cunningham 5, R.Pupangamirri 4, R.Tungatalum 3, R.Kantilla, E.Tipungwuti 2 each, J.Puruntatameri, D.Munkara, B.Palipuaminni, S.Munkara, P.Heenan, A.Wonaeamirri, Adam Tipungwuti, D.Kantilla 1 each

Best: Jason Puruntatameri, Simon Munkara, Paddy Heenan, Rupert Pupangamerri, Ross Tungatalum, Gerrard Cunninham (11 scoring shots!!), Dan McLinden, Aussie Wonaeamirri, Shane Tipuamantimerri, David Kantilla, Roy Kantilla (7 scoring shots!!) and Albert Tipungwuti. Could have mentioned everyone!!

Injuries: Rupert Pangiraminni (Hamstring strain)

Bombers Fall Short


After our big win against Wanderers the week before, the confidence among the group was up. One of our joint captains, Simon Munkara, was back in the team after a hamstring injury and Jarrod Atkinson returns to the line up after not being available last week. We were at full strength, apart from Michael Dunn, who was a late omission because he was ill.

The game started off in a typical finals game with both teams attacking the ball. It was a hard fought quarter with both teams giving their opponents any time and space with one point separating the teams at the first break. Roy Kantilla had the chance to level the scores, or give the Bombers a 5 point lead with his shot for goal from the boundary after the siren, but he kicked it into the man on the mark. After a bit of ribbing from his former team mate, Kevin Tandogac, emotions took the better of everyone and a melee formed. Ten reports from wither side emerged out of this, with fines handed out to all of them.

St Marys took control of the second quarter and opened up a 25 point lead at the main break. They seemed to have sucked the Bombers into worrying too much about them than worrying about getting the ball.

When the Saints got out to a 32 point lead at start of the 3rd quarter, it looked like it was going to be a hard ask for the Bombers to get back in the game. But then 3 consecutive goals from Gerrard Cunningham, Rupert Pupangamirri and Ephrem Tipungwuti inspired the Bombers and took them to within 9 points at the last break.

The last quarter was another hard fought one, with both teams giving it their all, knowing that whoever got over the line would go straight into the Grand Final and have the week off. St Marys kicked the first couple of the game but then Patrick Heenan and Rupert Pupangamirri – whose dashing run from the back line produced his second goal while setting up Cunningham’s third with a brilliant bullet kick down the guts – came to the fore in the last to send the Bombers into attack and get them within 4 points. Just as it seemed the Islanders were on a roll into the grand final, the minor premier stepped up when it mattered most and Robert Hale goaled to put the Saints up by 10 points and ended our chances.


TIWI BOMBERS   2   4    4   7   8   8   11    9   75
ST MARYS   2   5    8   8   9  11   12   15   87

Best Players – Dan McLinden, Samson Mungatopi, Rupert Pupangamirri, Donald Mungatopi, Ross Tungatalum and Courtney Johns

Goal Kickers – Gerrard Cunningham  3, Ephrem Tipungwuti 3, Dion Munkara 3, Nyabaru Kelly and Ross Tungatalum

We had earnt the right to a second chance, so we stay alive. Next week we take on Wanderers in the Preliminary Final at TIO Stadium on Saturday night at 6.00pm. Wanderers will be confident after their big win against Southern Districts in the 1st Semi Final and will want revenge for the humiliation we gave them the week before. It should be a cracker of a game. Go Bombers!

Bombers Progress


After regaining Dion Munkara and Rupert Pupangamirri the week earlier, and having a good win against Southern Districts to cement the double chance, we knew we had to keep the momentum going so that we didn’t lose that advantage. We had a few more players to come into the team – Shane Tipuamantmirri, Michael Fairweather, Courtney Johns and Mark Pennington – to strengthen the team even more, but we knew Wanderers were in the same boat.

The game started off as a bit of an arm wrestle with good hard footy being played with shots on goal being hard to come by. Gerrard Cunningham broke the shackles by slotting through a goal 10 minutes in, which was replied by one from the Wanderers to keep the score line tight. Roy Kantilla kicked 3 of another 4 majors for the Bombers, to give them a handy 5 goal lead at the first break.

Gerrard Cunningham kicked 3 goals of his own in the second quarter in what was a total demolition by the Bombers. They piled on 8 goals to 1 for the quarter to pretty much put the game out of reach for the Wanderers at half time.

The second half was a much closer affair, with the Wanderers taking the points in the third quarter and the second half (by 4 points) in total. But the damage was done in the first half and the Bombers walked off the field 80 point victors.

It was a great team effort by all players, so much so that Karl had to award 10 best players after the game.


TIWI BOMBERS   6   3   14   7  16  11   19   13  127
WANDERERS   1   3    2   5   5   7    8    9   57

Best Players – Ross Tungatalum, Dan McLinden, Nyaburu Kelly, Patty Heenan, Roy Kantilla and Gerrard Cunningham

Goal Kickers – Gerrard Cunningham  6, Roy Kantilla 6, Ephrem Tipungwuti 3, Bradley Palipuaminni, Courtney Johns and Michael Dunn

Next week we take on St Marys in the Second Semi Final at TIO Stadium on Saturday night at 6.00pm. A win will see us go straight into the Grand Final, which would be great to give the players a week off the following week.

Bombers Hang on to 3rd Place


With a crucial game on the line, the winner taking 3rd spot and the double chance in the finals, there was a bit of doubt through the week whether the round would go ahead. With Cyclone Carlos hitting Darwin on the Wednesday and threatening to return later in the week, the round was put on hold. But on the Thursday when the weather bureau decided that the threat of its return was minimal the round was reinstated, and all preparations were back on.

The players flew in the afternoon of the game, and it was great to see Dion Munkara, Rupert Pupangamirri and Edward Darcy were all on the passenger list after missing at least the last 4 games. With Dion and Rupert playing their 3rd game of the season, it meant that they were playing their full requirement to qualify for the finals – as were Luke McKenna and Ned Daniher.

The Bombers got the jump on their opposition, with the midfield dominating and giving the forwards plenty of opportunities. The Bombers had kicked 4 majors before Southern Districts were able to register one of their own. At this stage Luke McKenna, who had been a big factor in our midfield being on top, had to be helped from the ground after he received a knock to his ankle. This brought Dion Munkara onto the ground and he had an immediate impact with a couple of clever disposals resulting in goals. The Crocs were able to work their way into the game late in the quarter, but the Bombers still held a handy 4 goal lead at half time. Ephrem Tipungwuti had continued on his goal kicking form from the previous week by kicking 3 goals in the term. It was a very high scoring quarter considering the conditions, with both teams kicking pretty accurately also.

The second term was a tighter, lower scoring affair with the Crocs outscoring us by a goal and closing the gap to 3 goals at half time. The Southern Districts players were starting to get frustrated and this was evident when a Southern Districts free kick was awarded just before half time and then reversed after one of their players retaliated and a scuffle occurred.

Roy Kantilla started off the second half in blistering fashion kicking the first and third goals of the quarter. The Bombers started off the 3rd quarter like they did in the first and had the first four goals on the board before the Crocs had an opportunity. We had an opportunity to put the game out of reach with a set shot from about 35m out directly in front. Unfortunately this resulted in a behind, and the Crocs clawed their way back into the game to reduce the margin to 4 goals at 3 quarter time.

Another hard fought last quarter saw both teams add 3 goals to their score lines and the Bombers hang onto a handy 26 point win.

SOUTHERN DISTRICTS 4 2 7 3 10 6 13 8 86
TIWI BOMBERS 8 2 10 3 14 7 17 10 112

Best Players –
Ned Daniher, Dan McLinden, Samson Mungatopi, Ross Tungatalum, Roy Kantilla and Nyaburu Kelly

Goal Kickers – Ephrem Tipungwuti 4, Gerrard Cunningham 3, Samson Mungatopi 2, Roy Kantilla 2, Leigh Crossman, Dion Munkara, Alan Kerinaiua, Giuseppe Tipiloura, Michael Dunn and Josh Brogan

The winner of the Starwin Management Under 21 Player of the Round was Gabirri Yunupingu – congratulations on a good game Gup.

The players were able to let their hair down and celebrate a little as they were staying in town the night and flying back the next day. This was very much appreciated by all, as it enabled them to go shopping on the Sunday morning before their flight back. The communities shops had run out of food due to the barge not being able to make the trip over with supplies during the week because of the cyclone, so the players took advantage of this opportunity to stock up on the necessities.

Next week we take on Wanderers in the Qualifying finals at TIO Stadium on Saturday night at 6.30pm. Hopefully we’ll be able to turn the table on the previous 2 encounters this year.

Bombers Back on the Winning List


After the events of the weekend before, the game time was changed to 1.30pm to enable our players and coaching staff to return to Tiwi in daylight hours. There were also other factors that we had to take into consideration to make the flight to and from Darwin as comfortable as possible – such as bigger aircraft and times of flights.

The decision was made to get a 19 seater plane to pick up the guys from both communities the morning of the game. So the players arrived into Darwin nice and early and were able to get to the ground with plenty of time to check out the conditions of TIO – a ground that we hadn’t played on since Round 12.

The Bombers got the first goal of the game when Ephrem Tipungwuti kicked the first of his 10 goals for the day. Darwin responded with 2 of their own to get their noses in front, but then we replied with 2 goals and it went back and forth for the remainder of the quarter. When the siren went at quarter time, the Bombers hung onto a 3 point lead. The highlight of the term was when Ross Tungatalum gained possession on the back flank, took on 3 opponents with the aid of several shepherds from his team mates, carried the ball to half forward and kicked the ball with pin point precision to hit an Ephrem lead on the chest. Ross then slumped with his hands on his knees to catch his breath while Ephrem slotted through with of his 3 majors for the quarter.

Darwin came out in the second quarter and had most of the play for the first part, but couldn’t convert on the scoreboard. The second half of the term was a different story though, with the Bombers lifting their work rate and gaining the ascendancy around the ground. The forwards were able to capitalize and when Roy Kantilla snapped a brilliant goal from the boundary, the Bombers had increased their lead to 20 points just before half time.

The half time break worked wonders for the Bombers, as they came out in the same fashion they finished off the second quarter. Samson Mungatopi was able to kick truly from the goal square, Ephrem kicked his 6th and 7th goals for the game and Gerrard Cunningham used his evasive skills to enable himself a run into an open goal before the Buffaloes had even had a 50 metre entry for teh half. The Bombers had opened up a 56 point lead before they took their foot off the pedal in the last 5 minutes and let Darwin back into the game somewhat.

The Buffs didn’t give up in the last quarter, but the Bombers were able to hold onto their lead and come away with a comfortable 32 point win. It was a well needed and well deserved win, and a good team effort by all players. A disappointing result that came out of the game was that Douglas Timaepatua hurt his wrist and was taken off for x-rays at half time. Hopefully he is able to recover and get back on the ground come finals time.

TIWI BOMBERS 5 4 11 6 18 6 22 8 140
DARWIN 5 1 8 4 11 8 16 12 108

Best Players –
Ross Tungatalum, Ephrem Tipungwuti, Dan McLinden, Jarrod Atkinson, Donald Mungatopi and Alan Kerinaiua

Goal Kickers – Ephrem Tipungwuti  10, Roy Kantilla 5, Gerard Cunningham 4 and Samson Mungatopi 3

The winner of the Starwin Management Under 21 Player of the Round was Ross Tungatalum – congratulations on yet another great game Rocco.

Next week we take on Southern Districts in Round 18 at TIO Stadium on Saturday night at 7.30pm. A win is now necessary to hang onto our 3rd spot on the ladder which gives us a double chance in the finals.

Bombers No Match


This game was due to be played at Tiwi Oval on Nguiu on Sunday, but after the AFL NT ruled the ground unfit to play on when they inspected the ground on the Wednesday through the week, we had to reshuffle our plans late in the week to accommodate the players coming over to play the game in Darwin on the Saturday.

Wanderers got the first goal on the board after James McNamee received a dubious free kick directly in front of goal. The Bombers bounced back to kick 2 of their own to gain back the lead but couldn’t hold it for long as the Wanderers kicked the next 3. Luckily the Bombers kicked a couple of late goals to get themselves back in the contest to be down by 3 points at the first break.

Wanderers kicked the first couple of the second quarter and were getting on top all around the ground. They seemed to have more players at every contest and were able to turn the extra possessions into scores on the board. In this quarter the Bombers only added the one goal but had more opportunities but kicked 5 behinds.

The third quarter was just about all one way traffic with the Wanderers piling up 4 goals 8 to our 1 goal 1. Our backman were under pressure all quarter and did well to limit the opposition to the 4 goals with the amount of shots on goal they had.

The last quarter was about playing for pride as the game was pretty much out of reach with a 44 point deficit hanging over the Bombers heads. Some players stood up and showed a bit of pride, but the Wanderers were still able to win the quarter, as they had for the other 3 on the day. The 53 point loss was the biggest we have had all year.

It was a disappointing result for Samson Mungatopi’s 50th NTFL game, but he can hold his head high as he put in another gutsy effort.

More devastation would come after the game when one of the planes returning to Darwin after dropping some of our guys off at Nguiu crashed. Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of the pilot, Jamie Stephens, as well as all of the other pilots that were involve that night.

TIWI BOMBERS 4 0 5 5 6 6 8 11 59
WANDERERS 4 3 8 6 12 14 16 16 112

Best Players –
Ross Tungatalum, Donald Mungatopi, Samson Mungatopi, Patrick Heenan, Michael Dunn and Michael Fairweather

Goal Kickers – Gerrard Cunningham 2, Nathan Daniels 2, Nyaburu Kelly, Dan McLinden, Anthony Kerinaiua and Cannice Tipuamantimirri

The winner of the Starwin Management Under 21 Player of the Round was Gerard Purautatameri – congratulations on a good effort Shower.

Next week we take on Darwin in Round 17 back at TIO Stadium on Saturday. The game has been rescheduled from its initial time of 7pm to 1.30pm to enable the players to fly back to the Islands during day light hours.

Saints Hold Off Bombers


It was first versus second on the ladder, and the crowd had turned up to watch a good game of footy in the Darwin sun. The first 15 minutes was a tough tussle between the 2 teams with neither team able to post a major. Both teams had opportunities, with Jarrod Illett missing a set shot from pretty much directly in front and Roy Kantilla shanking his kick as he run into an open goal from 30 metres out. The Saints eventually broke the drought half way through the quarter, and then continued on with another one before the Bombers could get one back. The Bombers were able to get one on the board, but then the Saints responded with 2 more of their own. The difference was 4 straight goals at quarter time and with Ephrem Tipungwuti hobbling off 10 minutes into the game, and ruled out for the remainder, someone had to step up and become a focal point up forward.

The Bombers lifted their work rate in the second quarter and won a lot more centre clearances and gave their forwards more opportunities to put scoreboard pressure on. Gerrard Cunningham decided to bypass the forwards and launched a huge torpedo from inside the centre square, but unfortunately was off target and only resulted in a behind. Even though the Bombers were equal in general play around the ground for the quarter, they were still out scored for the quarter and trailed by 31 points at the long break.

Adam Mueller had played a big role down back in the first half, but he was pushed up to centre half forward in the second half and provided a presence in the forward line that had been lacking. Dan McLinden went to centre half back which allowed Michael Fairweather to go into the midfield and he was pivotal in many clearances and forward thrusts and even kicked a goal of his own in the quarter. The Bombers seemed to be getting on top of their opponents all around the ground and were able to close the gap to 16 points at the last change.

When the Saints kicked the first goal of the last term, it made the challenge even greater for our guys, but their never say die attitude rose to the fore and they persisted to plug away. The Saints players were getting tired and the Bombers were able to use this to their advantage with their run and carry. When Ross Tungatalum had a set shot from 30 metres out with about 6 minutes left on the clock and an 8 point deficit, the game looked like it was going to come down to the wire for the second week in a row. Unfortunately he missed the goal, but Roy Kantilla was able to make good a couple of minutes later and reduce the deficit to a solitary point. The Bombers crowd was on its feet and very vocal until fellow Tiwi, but Saints player, Jason Puruntatameri kicked a goal with less than a minute on the clock to seal the game.

It was a great effort by the Bombers in the second half, and the team will be able to take a lot of positives out of the game.

TIWI BOMBERS 1 3 4 6 10 6 14 11 95
ST MARY’S 5 3 9 7 12 10 15 12 102

Best Players –
Edward Darcy, Michael Fairweather, Shane Tipuamantmirri, Samson Mungatopi, Adam Mueller & Michael Dunn

Goal Kickers – Roy Kantilla 3, Adam Mueller 2, Nathan Daniels 2, Gerrard Cunningham 2, Michael Fairweather 2, Alan Kerinaiua, Ross Tungatalum and Wayne Pilakui

The winner of the Starwin Management Under 21 Player of the Round was Wayne Pilakui – congratulations on a good effort Jojo.

Next week we take on Wanderers Round 16 at a yet to be confirmed venue. It is scheduled to be played at Tiwi Oval on Sunday 6th February at 2.30pm, but if the ground isn’t deemed up to scratch by the AGL NT, the game will be moved to the Gardens Oval at 4.00pm on Saturday 5th February.

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