Round 2 Match Report


Club Development Manager Peter Atkinson

Tiwi football at its best-lightning quick, highly skilled, high scoring and 13 goalkickers!

In most competitions a Grand Final rematch is usually tight and from a motivation perspective favouring the losing GF side due to the pain of defeat in the big one.
And, don’t think the Nightcliff side yesterday was particularly weaker than their GF side either as they have added three fair forwards who kicked 10 of their 12 goals! The Bombers side had 14 of our Premiership side with McLinden, Wonaeamirri and Heenan added to the Round 1 team which beat Districts by 4 points. We had no recognised “tall” against Districts and chose to bring in McLinden and a Carl Joyce who was great.

The Tiwi Coaching panel and players had other ideas about being motivated with the pride of performing in front of family and friends in our first of the 4 Home games enough. More importantly in their capacity as Tiwi Role Models players were keen to perform at a high standard for the Tiwi children & youth who attended. Players have no choice about being Role Models (good or bad) – its just what sort you want to be!
Make your family and community proud!

Led by the brilliant midfield group of Captain Shane Tipuamantimerri, deputy Rupert Pangiraminni, the little master Simon Munkara and the improving Dion Munkara who feasted off ruckman and Premiership defender Dan McLinden the footy was swept forward time and again.
Anything that managed to reach our backline was quickly rebounded by a running defence led by Jason Puruntatameri, Michael Dunn, Bradley Palipuaminni and Ben McCasker.

Our wingmen were dominating with Paddy Heenan outstanding and in his best Territory Thunder form. He has improved again after a breakout season with Thunder.

Up forward Ross Tungatalum, Roy Kantilla, Aussie Wonaeamirri and Gerrard Cunningham were all on fire with exciting youngster David Kantilla matching them for sheer Tiwi brilliance.
Roy finished the game with 2-5 and Gerrard 5-6.

The match was as good as over by quarter time with the Bombers 8-5 (53) leading Nightcliff 0-2 (2).



TIWI BOMBERS   8 5 12 9 18 16 24 22 166
NIGHTCLIFF 0 2 5 7 8 8 12 10 82

Goals: G.Cunningham 5, R.Pupangamirri 4, R.Tungatalum 3, R.Kantilla, E.Tipungwuti 2 each, J.Puruntatameri, D.Munkara, B.Palipuaminni, S.Munkara, P.Heenan, A.Wonaeamirri, Adam Tipungwuti, D.Kantilla 1 each

Best: Jason Puruntatameri, Simon Munkara, Paddy Heenan, Rupert Pupangamerri, Ross Tungatalum, Gerrard Cunninham (11 scoring shots!!), Dan McLinden, Aussie Wonaeamirri, Shane Tipuamantimerri, David Kantilla, Roy Kantilla (7 scoring shots!!) and Albert Tipungwuti. Could have mentioned everyone!!

Injuries: Rupert Pangiraminni (Hamstring strain)

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