Round 5 Match Report

14 goalscorers was the highlight of the Tiwi Bombers second home game in a comfortable 47 point win over Waratahs at Wurrumiyanga last Sunday.

Another brilliant start had stand in Coach Damien Zammitt smiling.

With a midfield dominance and lightning speed the Bombers slammed on 7 goals in 15 minutes with centre half forward Roy Kantilla on fire, helped by the midfield dominance of skipper Shane Tipuamantimerri, Dion Munkara and ruckman Ben Battams.

Despite losing injured key players before the game like Simon Munkara, Ross Tungatalum and Ephrem Tipungwuti the Bombers were too quick and skilful for the Waratah’s side.

Wingmen Paddy Heenan and Samson Mungatopi along with halfbacks Michael Dunn, Billy Barden and Bradley Palipuaminni gave great rebound to blitz the red and whites.

Roy Kantilla finished with 7 goals in a best on ground performance against a highly rated Waratah defender in Jake Smart. The only other multiple goalkickers were Bradley Palipuaminni, Gerrard Cunningham and defender Michael Dunn while 10 Tiwi Bombers kicked a goal each.


Tiwi Bombers 8-2 12-6 16-8 23-11 (149)

Waratah 3-2 6-8 10-10 15-12 (102)

Goals: Roy Kantilla 7, Bradley Palipuaminni, Michael Dunn, Gerrard Cunningham 2 each, Samson Mungatopi, Jason Puruntatameri, Dion Munkara, Patrick Heenan, Albert Tipungwuti, James Puautjimi, Billy Barden, Cannis Tipuamantimirri, Virgil Puruntatameri & Rupert Pupangamirri 1 each

Best: Roy Kantilla, Michael Dunn, Rupert Pupangamirri, Shane Tipuamantimirri,  Billy Barden, Aussie Wonaeamirri, Albert Tipungwuti, Patrick Heenan , Dion Munkara

Congratulations to Coach Leigh Crossman and wife Jemma on the arrival of son Jed Leroy.

This Week:

Tough game at TIO Stadium against the Damien Cupido led Southern Districts Crocs at 2.30pm on Saturday.  You can watch it live on the AFLNT site

Captain Shane Tipuamantimirri will head the 10 member party at the Tiwi Bombers Kantilla Table at the AFLNT Hall of Fame Dinner on Saturday night.

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