Sponsoring the Bombers

Be part of something that promises to be so much more than football…….
… Join the team….

…based on friendship……
The partnership that we want to develop with you is a partnership based on friendship, based on mutual respect and based on a common desire to provide the best possible life for the people associated with us.

….building capacity….
Football is ‘Religion’ for us and we are keen to maximise the benefits of this passion and enthusiasm for the game to help achieve what needs to be achieved for all Tiwi people, so that we are better able to build a strong, resilient and prosperous future for Tiwi people of all ages.

…a real opportunity….
We believe that the Tiwi Bombers are an integral part of this vision. Leadership, Role Models, Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Education and Participation in everything from attendance at school to Participation in Training, Participation in the Tiwi Workforce, Participation in Good Parenting and Participation in a Real Tiwi Economy. Even raising self esteem can be maximised through Football – Through the Tiwi Bombers.

…to making a real difference…
The Tiwi College ‘Baby Bombers’ Clontarf Football Academy has been established and we see this as being a pivotal program that has the strongest possible link with the Tiwi Bombers.

…to improve the lives of all Tiwi….
In years to come there is no doubt that the ‘Baby Bombers’ and the Tiwi Bombers will be producing, not only quality footballers, but more importantly, quality young men who have learnt the importance of looking after their bodies and their minds, the importance of Education, and the importance of Participating in all things that Tiwi and Western life has to offer, so that they can achieve whatever goals they set themselves in life.

…so much more than football…..

There is much good will in Australia and throughout the world for issues affecting our First Australians……

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