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Hayden Reynolds Tiwi Garden Project:

In many ways the Hayden Reynolds Tiwi Garden Project has grown along with the Tiwi College itself. In the early years all the effort was placed into laying the foundations, putting in the infrastructure needed in order to reap the rewards in future years.

Just as the garden had to face and overcome the challenges of Tiwi termites, banana freckle and flooding, our students have to face and overcome the challenges of family pressure, learning to learn and become productive members of the Tiwi College and wider Tiwi community.

With the students we worked on developing a strong culture of respect and community, having some early wins along the way, just as we have had some early success with the harvest of bananas, water melon, lettuce and cucumbers in the garden.

But the real benefits will be in the years to come as we watch the growth of our mango, lemon and orange trees and at the same time watch the growth of our primary kids as they grow though their senior years leading into real careers of their choice and right at the time when we are harvesting our fruit from the strong branches from the trees planted years before.

But then the magic really begins, year after year we will be harvesting our fruit and vegetables from our garden and year after year we will be graduating our students into a life of such potential, confident that they have risen to meet the challenges that they have faced and better equipped to deal with the challenges that life throws at them.

Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Garden Project. .. so much more than fruit and vegies!
Jennifer Ullungura Clancy

Tiwi Education Board



Everyone loves to back a winner.

With our relationship with the Hayden-Reynolds project – we feel we’ve done just that – with the young Tiwi in our care reaping the rewards!
Over time our relationship has grown and matured and now offers a suite of
programs and resources to improve student outcomes in a variety of ways.

The garden is now rapidly expanding and offers a variety of produce, which is delivered to our Family Group Homes. Our boarders benefit from fresh eggs and vegetables on a daily basis for improved health.
Our teaching kitchen is now complete and we can offer tuition in Kitchen
Operations, which feeds into Hospitality careers.
More importantly, we have a program which is owned by students and transitions
“from garden to plate” and the rich learning experiences this offers.

Thanks to generous support from Macquarie Bank & Bing Lee – we have rolled out laptops and headphones for all students. This has allowed us to introduce individualised literacy and numeracy programs through engaging software –for improved outcomes. The savings from this has allowed the school to purchase iPads to complement our ICT program. We believe our resources would parallel some of the better mainstream schools around Australia.

Our new library has been resourced with a wide range of relevant and engaging reading material through the generosity of the Garden Project and support from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. From this partnership an initiative of a writer’s camp was established in 2013 for our Senior Girls class. The outcome of this camp is a published book, written by our students, relevant for Indigenous youth, to be distributed to bookshops and around Indigenous communities of Australia.

From humble beginnings a rich relationship has grown, delivering real and sustainable outcomes for our students and for those into the future. It is my hope that you can join in this remarkable journey to deepen the aspirations of the young Tiwi in our care.

Kind Regards,
Ian Smith


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